When will the US wake up and smell the smoking gun?

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I read an article about a shooting that took place today in Connecticut when a man who’d been asked to resign walked into his work place with a gun and opened fire. He killed 8 people and himself. When are the Americans going to drop this noncence about “bareing arms”. It’s rediculous. How many schools and workplaces are going to be covered in blood and empty bullet casings before they realise they’ve got to do something about it and control their guns. I don’t buy the argument of protection because if no one had any guns, there wouldn’t be any need to have a gun to defend yourself. Now, i no its completly unrealistic to think that they would ever completly get rid of guns, but i just wish that they would imply more stringent gun control messures. If people couldn’t get hold of guns so easily, then these momentary rages when people go crazy…people wouldn’t have to die. It’s to easy for people to make these rash decisions and open fire, then realise what they have done but by then it’s too late. I know that the UK isn’t much better, the huge knife problem and also the availabilty of guns. Derrek Bird for example. But if he wasn’t able to get that gun, or to own that gun, then those people wouldn’t have died. Guns solve nothing, they should be exclusively used in the military (if they even have to be). I hate guns, i really see them as nothing more than instruments used to kill and harm people. The US though have had so many horrible incidents involving guns that you think they would have noticed. I’m not an expert on US gun policy, and i don’t claim to be. But simply from a view of someone with an interest in this kind of thing…i’d have hoped incidents like this one in Connecticut would be few and far between…but alas they still happen.


Saw the most Successful horror franchise ever?!?! Who are the people watching these films?!

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When i first saw Saw (forgive the english) i was impressed, it had a good twist and it seemed different and inventive. But now we’re on Saw part whatever, i want to know who is buying these dvds or who is going to see them at the cinema. I saw the first one, then i’ve seen 3 and 4 online but i’d never hand money over for them, they really arn’t worth it. The are the epitome of trashy cinema where they just throw limbs and blood around for 90 minutes and i just don’t understand how they keep getting comissioned. The BBC said that the films had made “a total of $733m (£472m) at the box office.” im sorry but the person who wrote Saw and Lionsgate must be rubbing their hands together as you can probably knock the films up for £500 each. What ever happened to a good horror film; i used to be a huge fan of horror films but now i just can’t watch them. They’re not scary in any shape or form, they’re always cheaply made and arn’t even so bad they’re funny anymore! At least 70’s horror films were funny because they were so bad. What happened to the days of Alien? when watching the film put you on the edge of your seat. The gore was all in your head rather than thrown at you like an asault. Apparently this new one they’re bringing out is the last Saw of the franchise and thank god for that! i can’t take much more. In all honesty, they say its made all this money but it is because they’res a stupid number of them. Who would bother watch this tripe, i really don’t understand. For me  Saw has shown the downfall of the horror genre for the reasons i’ve said. The pointless gore, they awful language and the so “in your face” violence. What happened to clever horror films or psycological thrillers. I’m not talking things like The Grudge or The Ring or anything, but like, the old sci-fi horrors which would have you on the edge of your seat. TV and films have become a constant let down of recent and i struggle to find good things to say about them these days. However saying that, i’d recomend Toy Story 3 to anyone haha, give me Toy Story over Saw anyday! So yeah, bring back good horror films! bring back good TV and stop remaking films…have fresh new ideas!

This is the BBC news story about Saw just in case you wanted to read it:


Jon Venables, the one who threw his second chance away

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A few months ago i wrote a blog about Jon Venables and the fact that no one needed to know why he had been arrested. Well, obviously as everyone knows he has been charged and sentenced for downloading indecent images and for communicating with paedophiles online. Well, the first thing i have to say is…What the hell is wrong with you Venables!? He’s been given a second chance at life, something which a lot of people don’t get after they committ murder, let alone someone who kills a child. He had another opertunity to create a whole new life for himself and he’s now thrown it away. The second problem is that how did someone who was released on license for murder only get a two year sentence (out in one year) for downloading child porn. Not only do people who do this crime normally get 5 or 6 years but he should have been put back in for the rest of his sentence…life. I am anti-death penalty, and as a criminology student i am in favour of reform and rehabilitation. But clearly this man is beyond reform and has given up on his chance to be reformed. Therefore he should be put in prison for life. Another problem i have is that although there was a ruling that his name shouldn’t be revealed, the case should be reported as a normal person because he needs to be put on the sex offender register. He has lost his chance to lead a normal life by doing something agaisnt the law and i don’t see why he should be imune from the normal legal channels. I hate to blog about something that’s probably flooding the internet at the moment but i feel like should follow up my earlier blog concerning Venables. I think most people would agree that it show the weakness in our legal system (not that we needed evidence of that) and it shows that some people are clearly beyond reform. All i can say is that i imagine Robert Thompson will be keeping his head down for the rest of his life, hopefully we won’t have to relive the horrible murder of Jamie Bulger again.

What happened to TV

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It’s something which i think about everytime im put through more “comedy” on Tv. And i always wonder what happened to the British comedy golden era of Blackadder, Monty Python and Red Dwarf. When you look at the awful Tv they make these days in this country, you can’t help but wonder who they are employing to write their comedy. And in fact, it’s not just comedy its all TV. Most of the things i watch now are American and therefore they just arn’t on in the summer. British Tv just cant compete with the likes of Heroes and Desperate Housewives that the Americans are producing. When all we seem to have on TV is “How to look good naked” and “Katie Price, the next chapter” i mean who really cares about that dreadful womans life?! Even though i’ve got Sky TV theres very little on, and i often watch things i’ve bought or just rewatch the things i’ve seen a million times that i taped earlier in the week. I just wish they would actually make something worth watching. It’s been a while since ive genuinly wanted to watch something new on TV. Channel 4 is about the only channel who keep producing funny comedy such as the IT crowd, but again it’s not new, they dont comission anything new. I’ve recently been watching 3rd Rock From the Sun which brings me back to my child hood and i do genuinly enjoy it, but i do love having a drama to watch week in week out, and now Desperate Housewives is over i’m without! to be honest im considering rewatcing Oz, something which is completly underated and i’d recomend to anyone! I just get so sick and tired of watching the same things on TV because there’s there is simply nothing new to watch. I’m just glad i don’t pay a TV licence because it really wouldnt be worth it! It looks like we’re in for more years of just reality TV and constant repeats of the same films on ITV2 for the next few years…but we live in hope!

A judge with his head screwed on! Thankfully Peter Sutcliffe will remain where he belongs

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About a year ago, i read in a newspaper (the Sun unfortunatly) that Peter Sutcliffe had made an appeal to have his life sentence amended so he would be given a day for his release. Thankfully today his desires and hopes were crushed when he was told he would die in prison.

Peter Sutcliffe beat 13 women to death with a hammer over a number of years in the Yorkshire and Greater Manchester area. He was finally stopped when he was caught red handed in 1981 6 years after he killed his first victim. He was given 20 life sentences , one for each of the 13 women he killed, and one for each of the attempts he made on 7 other women. The suggestion that this man would ever be released is sickening. Though i have absoultley no faith in the British legal system i had hoped that people like Sutcliffe remained behind bars and today i got what i hoped for and so did the women he attacked and the families of the women he murdered. However today i was disgusted when i watched the BBC news on BBC1 when the news anchor (i dont remember her name) said that he killed 13 women “though most of them were only prostetutes”…Like this somehow lessens his crime. Like prostetutes arn’t people. Most of the literature about the case and Sutcliffe indicate that its worse that he killed students and other women than the prostetutes and i just don’t understand why. They were people just like the student he killed, don’t they deserve justice as much as the other women.

Despite the issue i had with the BBC news, i think today is a good day for criminal justice in the UK. Thankfully, Sutcliffes name has been added to the list along with Rose West, Ian Brady, Ian Huntley Dennis Nilson and Donald Neilson as people who will never get out of prison. They will die behind bars and it’s the only possible punishment for the crime.

I know many people hate it, but i’ve had to make a Big Brother blog

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Well, the new series is a week old and tonight is eviction night. To be honest, im fairly happy with the nominations but i was happier when Dave was still up, he’s so boring. But Shabby just needs to go, she really does. She’s so high and mighty and i just want her gone! At first i hated her, then i started liking her, but now she has just completly attacked Ben, i just want her gone. Ben is so entertaining i think, the things that come out of his mouth just shouldn’t! and last nights comments about them being like 3 witches around a cauldren. Love it! And i have a new found love for John James who is refreshingly honest. Someone needs to tell these wanabes that they arn’t going to be the next big thing because they sat in a house. However i do find the situation with Rachael very cringe worthy, how she follows him around like a puppy, then he just tells people that he actually hates her. Suprisingly though, im likeing more of the people than i thought, when they first went in i only realy liked Ben but now i think quite a few of them are good. The only ones i dont really care for are Shabby, Dave and Nathan, who i just find boring. Hopefully though the series will be good and Big Brother will go out in style. So tonight, hopefully i’ll be saying goodbye to Shabby and she can stop telling everyone to nominate Ben who is by far the most entertaining person in there!

Spellbound Amaze me!

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I hate to join the typical bandwagon of people on reality shows, but im sorry…Spellbound amaze me. I watched them earlier in the semi final and i was truely speechless. I’ve never seen people move like that, and to be honest i didn’t even think it was possible for bodies to move in that way. Their confidence is what amazes me the most, to do all that with no equipment, just trust for each other. Admittidly, how they talk it seems like a bit of a cult  but non the less i want them to win. They have to win because as far as talent goes i’ve never seen anything like that in my whole life. It’s new for Britains Got Talent, something that isn’t just singers or dancers, its something that they have truely dedicated their lives to and i comend that. I prey they win on saturday, regardless of who else is in it because on talent they deserve it. I do however also love Tobias Mead and think that although i liked a few of tonights acts; the best two went through. I’m hoping The Arrangment go through as well as they offer great entertainment to a show which has mostly been boring and repetative this year.