Spellbound Amaze me!

I hate to join the typical bandwagon of people on reality shows, but im sorry…Spellbound amaze me. I watched them earlier in the semi final and i was truely speechless. I’ve never seen people move like that, and to be honest i didn’t even think it was possible for bodies to move in that way. Their confidence is what amazes me the most, to do all that with no equipment, just trust for each other. Admittidly, how they talk it seems like a bit of a cult  but non the less i want them to win. They have to win because as far as talent goes i’ve never seen anything like that in my whole life. It’s new for Britains Got Talent, something that isn’t just singers or dancers, its something that they have truely dedicated their lives to and i comend that. I prey they win on saturday, regardless of who else is in it because on talent they deserve it. I do however also love Tobias Mead and think that although i liked a few of tonights acts; the best two went through. I’m hoping The Arrangment go through as well as they offer great entertainment to a show which has mostly been boring and repetative this year.


~ by chrisversion2 on June 1, 2010.

One Response to “Spellbound Amaze me!”

  1. they are FANTASTIC!

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