I know many people hate it, but i’ve had to make a Big Brother blog

Well, the new series is a week old and tonight is eviction night. To be honest, im fairly happy with the nominations but i was happier when Dave was still up, he’s so boring. But Shabby just needs to go, she really does. She’s so high and mighty and i just want her gone! At first i hated her, then i started liking her, but now she has just completly attacked Ben, i just want her gone. Ben is so entertaining i think, the things that come out of his mouth just shouldn’t! and last nights comments about them being like 3 witches around a cauldren. Love it! And i have a new found love for John James who is refreshingly honest. Someone needs to tell these wanabes that they arn’t going to be the next big thing because they sat in a house. However i do find the situation with Rachael very cringe worthy, how she follows him around like a puppy, then he just tells people that he actually hates her. Suprisingly though, im likeing more of the people than i thought, when they first went in i only realy liked Ben but now i think quite a few of them are good. The only ones i dont really care for are Shabby, Dave and Nathan, who i just find boring. Hopefully though the series will be good and Big Brother will go out in style. So tonight, hopefully i’ll be saying goodbye to Shabby and she can stop telling everyone to nominate Ben who is by far the most entertaining person in there!


~ by chrisversion2 on June 18, 2010.

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