A judge with his head screwed on! Thankfully Peter Sutcliffe will remain where he belongs

About a year ago, i read in a newspaper (the Sun unfortunatly) that Peter Sutcliffe had made an appeal to have his life sentence amended so he would be given a day for his release. Thankfully today his desires and hopes were crushed when he was told he would die in prison.

Peter Sutcliffe beat 13 women to death with a hammer over a number of years in the Yorkshire and Greater Manchester area. He was finally stopped when he was caught red handed in 1981 6 years after he killed his first victim. He was given 20 life sentences , one for each of the 13 women he killed, and one for each of the attempts he made on 7 other women. The suggestion that this man would ever be released is sickening. Though i have absoultley no faith in the British legal system i had hoped that people like Sutcliffe remained behind bars and today i got what i hoped for and so did the women he attacked and the families of the women he murdered. However today i was disgusted when i watched the BBC news on BBC1 when the news anchor (i dont remember her name) said that he killed 13 women “though most of them were only prostetutes”…Like this somehow lessens his crime. Like prostetutes arn’t people. Most of the literature about the case and Sutcliffe indicate that its worse that he killed students and other women than the prostetutes and i just don’t understand why. They were people just like the student he killed, don’t they deserve justice as much as the other women.

Despite the issue i had with the BBC news, i think today is a good day for criminal justice in the UK. Thankfully, Sutcliffes name has been added to the list along with Rose West, Ian Brady, Ian Huntley Dennis Nilson and Donald Neilson as people who will never get out of prison. They will die behind bars and it’s the only possible punishment for the crime.


~ by chrisversion2 on July 16, 2010.

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