What happened to TV

It’s something which i think about everytime im put through more “comedy” on Tv. And i always wonder what happened to the British comedy golden era of Blackadder, Monty Python and Red Dwarf. When you look at the awful Tv they make these days in this country, you can’t help but wonder who they are employing to write their comedy. And in fact, it’s not just comedy its all TV. Most of the things i watch now are American and therefore they just arn’t on in the summer. British Tv just cant compete with the likes of Heroes and Desperate Housewives that the Americans are producing. When all we seem to have on TV is “How to look good naked” and “Katie Price, the next chapter” i mean who really cares about that dreadful womans life?! Even though i’ve got Sky TV theres very little on, and i often watch things i’ve bought or just rewatch the things i’ve seen a million times that i taped earlier in the week. I just wish they would actually make something worth watching. It’s been a while since ive genuinly wanted to watch something new on TV. Channel 4 is about the only channel who keep producing funny comedy such as the IT crowd, but again it’s not new, they dont comission anything new. I’ve recently been watching 3rd Rock From the Sun which brings me back to my child hood and i do genuinly enjoy it, but i do love having a drama to watch week in week out, and now Desperate Housewives is over i’m without! to be honest im considering rewatcing Oz, something which is completly underated and i’d recomend to anyone! I just get so sick and tired of watching the same things on TV because there’s there is simply nothing new to watch. I’m just glad i don’t pay a TV licence because it really wouldnt be worth it! It looks like we’re in for more years of just reality TV and constant repeats of the same films on ITV2 for the next few years…but we live in hope!


~ by chrisversion2 on July 18, 2010.

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