Jon Venables, the one who threw his second chance away

A few months ago i wrote a blog about Jon Venables and the fact that no one needed to know why he had been arrested. Well, obviously as everyone knows he has been charged and sentenced for downloading indecent images and for communicating with paedophiles online. Well, the first thing i have to say is…What the hell is wrong with you Venables!? He’s been given a second chance at life, something which a lot of people don’t get after they committ murder, let alone someone who kills a child. He had another opertunity to create a whole new life for himself and he’s now thrown it away. The second problem is that how did someone who was released on license for murder only get a two year sentence (out in one year) for downloading child porn. Not only do people who do this crime normally get 5 or 6 years but he should have been put back in for the rest of his sentence…life. I am anti-death penalty, and as a criminology student i am in favour of reform and rehabilitation. But clearly this man is beyond reform and has given up on his chance to be reformed. Therefore he should be put in prison for life. Another problem i have is that although there was a ruling that his name shouldn’t be revealed, the case should be reported as a normal person because he needs to be put on the sex offender register. He has lost his chance to lead a normal life by doing something agaisnt the law and i don’t see why he should be imune from the normal legal channels. I hate to blog about something that’s probably flooding the internet at the moment but i feel like should follow up my earlier blog concerning Venables. I think most people would agree that it show the weakness in our legal system (not that we needed evidence of that) and it shows that some people are clearly beyond reform. All i can say is that i imagine Robert Thompson will be keeping his head down for the rest of his life, hopefully we won’t have to relive the horrible murder of Jamie Bulger again.


~ by chrisversion2 on July 23, 2010.

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