Saw the most Successful horror franchise ever?!?! Who are the people watching these films?!

When i first saw Saw (forgive the english) i was impressed, it had a good twist and it seemed different and inventive. But now we’re on Saw part whatever, i want to know who is buying these dvds or who is going to see them at the cinema. I saw the first one, then i’ve seen 3 and 4 online but i’d never hand money over for them, they really arn’t worth it. The are the epitome of trashy cinema where they just throw limbs and blood around for 90 minutes and i just don’t understand how they keep getting comissioned. The BBC said that the films had made “a total of $733m (£472m) at the box office.” im sorry but the person who wrote Saw and Lionsgate must be rubbing their hands together as you can probably knock the films up for £500 each. What ever happened to a good horror film; i used to be a huge fan of horror films but now i just can’t watch them. They’re not scary in any shape or form, they’re always cheaply made and arn’t even so bad they’re funny anymore! At least 70’s horror films were funny because they were so bad. What happened to the days of Alien? when watching the film put you on the edge of your seat. The gore was all in your head rather than thrown at you like an asault. Apparently this new one they’re bringing out is the last Saw of the franchise and thank god for that! i can’t take much more. In all honesty, they say its made all this money but it is because they’res a stupid number of them. Who would bother watch this tripe, i really don’t understand. For me  Saw has shown the downfall of the horror genre for the reasons i’ve said. The pointless gore, they awful language and the so “in your face” violence. What happened to clever horror films or psycological thrillers. I’m not talking things like The Grudge or The Ring or anything, but like, the old sci-fi horrors which would have you on the edge of your seat. TV and films have become a constant let down of recent and i struggle to find good things to say about them these days. However saying that, i’d recomend Toy Story 3 to anyone haha, give me Toy Story over Saw anyday! So yeah, bring back good horror films! bring back good TV and stop remaking films…have fresh new ideas!

This is the BBC news story about Saw just in case you wanted to read it:


~ by chrisversion2 on July 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Saw the most Successful horror franchise ever?!?! Who are the people watching these films?!”

  1. 2 is good if you haven’t seen it…3 is good, after it gets a bit ott…The Collector is a good film by the people who thought up some of the later films though…worth watching.

  2. Yeah, i’ve heard The Collector is good. But Lionsgate films are generally over the top

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