When will the US wake up and smell the smoking gun?

I read an article about a shooting that took place today in Connecticut when a man who’d been asked to resign walked into his work place with a gun and opened fire. He killed 8 people and himself. When are the Americans going to drop this noncence about “bareing arms”. It’s rediculous. How many schools and workplaces are going to be covered in blood and empty bullet casings before they realise they’ve got to do something about it and control their guns. I don’t buy the argument of protection because if no one had any guns, there wouldn’t be any need to have a gun to defend yourself. Now, i no its completly unrealistic to think that they would ever completly get rid of guns, but i just wish that they would imply more stringent gun control messures. If people couldn’t get hold of guns so easily, then these momentary rages when people go crazy…people wouldn’t have to die. It’s to easy for people to make these rash decisions and open fire, then realise what they have done but by then it’s too late. I know that the UK isn’t much better, the huge knife problem and also the availabilty of guns. Derrek Bird for example. But if he wasn’t able to get that gun, or to own that gun, then those people wouldn’t have died. Guns solve nothing, they should be exclusively used in the military (if they even have to be). I hate guns, i really see them as nothing more than instruments used to kill and harm people. The US though have had so many horrible incidents involving guns that you think they would have noticed. I’m not an expert on US gun policy, and i don’t claim to be. But simply from a view of someone with an interest in this kind of thing…i’d have hoped incidents like this one in Connecticut would be few and far between…but alas they still happen.


~ by chrisversion2 on August 3, 2010.

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