One of my favourite nights, Eurovision!

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Havn’t blogged in a while, but yeah Eurovision! i personally love it. I don’t know why i think it’s because people in Europe get really into it and theres like an atmosphere around it. This year however the music is genuinly good! I Watched the second semi final last night and i was shocked by how genuinly good the music is this year. With 10 more countries going through i was shocked to see both Sweden and Croatia head out as i thought they both stood a chance. However i was happy to see Ireland get some well deserved praise and Romania, who i loved head through. The Azerbaijani favourite, i think is average at best but it was enjoyable enough. It’s sad that 5 countries have had to pull out this year: Hungary ,San Marino, Montenegro, Andorra and Czech Republic. This is due to money issues but now there are a number of countries in Europe not taking part. These 5 join Italy, Luxembourg and Austria in not compete lowering the number to 39. It will be a good night but i don’t think the UK are going to see the success of last year and to be honest rightfully so. The song is dreadful and the lad isn’t the best singer, we currently lie at 150/1 on Paddy Power for online betting. When i watch tomorrow, i will definatly be backing Moldova, Romania and Turkey (who have finally moved away from belly dancing for something much more exciting). Denmark were also a pleasent suprise as in recent years they have put in poor songs in my opinion. But yes, for the UK, i fear a bottom 3 finish but this year we can’t blame it on the politics. I realy do wish we would enter something good because every year we enter crap songs then blame politics, but no…it’s the song. Last year we entered a good song and a great singer and we were rewarded; when we enter garbage like Scooch, how can we be suprised when we do badly. In the end, it’s all down to the public but my prediction of the top 5 are:

1st Azerbaijan

2nd Armenia

3rd Germany

4th Israel

5th Denmark

However, this is not my ideal finish. I’d rather have something more exciting for a winner but i obviously don’t have the say. my idea top 5 would be

1st Romania

2nd Turkey

3rd Denmark

4th Germany

5th Azerbaijan

So tomorrow, Europe will vote and hopefully make it exciting and a close contest, unlike last year!

My personal favourite song:


Blah Blah Blah the election

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I’ve not blogged in a while so i thought i would. And i’ve chosen the current hot topic…the election. I havn’t actually watched the Tv debates, because…i don’t own a tv. But, i hear that Nick Clegg has come off well in them. I personally have a problem with these debates because although i think they’re a good idea if there were only 3 parties..people forget that there arn’t. Yes, realistically one of these 3 parties (realy, it’s just the conservatives and labour) will win, but there are other parties. As much as i loathe the BNP ,they do have a right to have a platform because they are a legitamate party. I in no way support the BNP and wish they didn’t exist, but we do live in a democracy and they have a right to have a platform. The same applied to the fact that the SNP (scottish nationalist party) wern’t allowed at the debates. I think this is awful, they are being restricted if they have no way of getting their policies heard. Even if we accept that these are the only 3 parties who have a real chance, there is another issue. The debate itself has turned the whole election into a popularity contest. It doesn’t help that the tories are using Gordon Brown as a reason to vote for them, it’s like…”vote for us because Gordon Brown’s an idiot”. It is  now who is the most popular man, not who will run the country the best. I guess it’s just one of those things, that with the media being as it is; the election is now turning into a circus. With Brown and Cameron exchanging childish comments to each other, it seems that now it’s just turned into a school yard fight. To be honest, i arn’t a huge fan of any of the men, but i will probably vote conservative because of their policy. However, i do wish that Cameron wasn’t the leader of the party. However, i don’t strongly hate any of the men either. Even Gordon Brown, who has been turned into a folk devil, i don’t hate him. I don’t blame him, the government is such a shambles because of the world recession which he couldn’t have stopped as well as the problems Blair had already created before he abandoned ship. And also, it’s got to that point when people just want a change. We ahd 18 years of Conservative leadership and Labour was a refreshing change. Now it’s inverted and people want to change back. So i guess it’s time to decide, who do we want in charge of our country for the next few years. To be honest, they’re making a big deal about it but i doubt anything will change.

Some more Photos which amused me

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Halt…Hamertzeit! Just some Fails which amused me

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Frankie Boyle insults the disabled….why complain!?

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I read yesterday about this woman who went to see Frankie Boyle and then complained because he made a comment about down syndrome patients. This really annoys me because this woman knew what to expect when she bought those tickets. Everyone knows he makes abusive and distastfull jokes, thats why he’s funny! what annoyed me more, is that she admited she found all his other jokes funny, about other races and gay people…she likes them and doesn’t think they’re offencive but as soon as it affects her she complains. I’m sorry, plenty of gay and/or black people enjoy Frankie Boyles jokes and don’t take any offence becasue hes JOKING! it is a joke don’t take it so seriously. Some people just like complaining and it really annoys me. Havn’t these people got better things to do than getting offended on other people’s behalf and then complaining about it. Shouldn’t this woman be looking after her child rather than doing this. Her child is young, she won’t have seen the joke therefore it doesnt affect her so why bother complaining. She shouldn’t have gone to the shower if she is easily offended and she only complained becasue its fine for Frankie Boyle to insult gay people and black people but as soon as it effects her he’s gone to far. Shut the hell up you moaning bint! If you don’t like it dont watch it, and even worse don’t pay to see it. No one would go to see Frankie Boyle if they were easily offended, and she’s just after publicity by complaining about him. These kinds of people wind me up so much. Just get on with it like the rest of us, that’s life…DEAL WITH IT!
Im sorry, but as much as i detest Kerry Katona, she has been personally attacked by Boyle on several occasisons and has never complained. Even this car crash of a woman can take it..why can’t this bloody woman:

Katona + Feltz = Social death

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I can’t go much longer having a blog without having a nice dig at Kerry Katona and Vanessa Feltz. I’ll start with Kerry Katona. This woman is the most pointless, awful woman i’ve ever seen on television. How has this dreadful excuse for a human being been allowed to keep hold of her children, and how has she escaped prosecution for her drugs and debt. I mean, she left her children with her drug dealer for gods sake! She had the chance to get her “carreer” back and i use the term losely. And she decides to turn up on morning tv drunk. Oh wait, her “medication” was wrong. Of course it was Kerry.  I personaly am glad that this complete cow-pat of a woman is off my screan and to be honest i hope she’s found in a ditch with no arms. It’s what she deserves. I actualy get irritated by her existance, i find it hard to believe that such an awful person remains in the public eye. People say that she used to be ok…no, she was always a dumbass skank. she just wasn’t a drunk and a drug adict. When she was in I’m A Celebrity, she was still a dreg of society. That woman should have been aborted to save me and everyone else from her pathetic face and gaping vagina which must have birthed more kids than the Alien Queen in “Aliens”. I personally love this picture of a PREGNANT Katona:

Now that we’ve discused skank number one, we move onto skank 2…Vanessa Feltz. This failed tv host and “journalist” is 2nd on my list of people who need to be Euthanised for the sake of the gene pool. Luckily this gas bag is too old to have any more children so at least we’re safe from that. She had a TV show for some time until it was revealed that the guests were fake. What a newsflash ey! She was annoying then, and luckily she went away for some time so my eyes could recover from having to look at jabba the huts more unattractive sister. But then she appeared on celebrity Big Brother. She was there for like 3 days or something stupid, but she went “crazy” and started writing on the wall and table. She was there for less time than i’ve had colds.  But now, 9 years later she still goes on all the big brother programmes and talks about her experiences. “oh my god, when i was in there, it was so hard” you were there for 5 minutes bitch! She gives me actual rage. I saw her on never mind the buzzcocks, and she didnt even crack a smile when Simon was mocking her…he does it to everyone for gods sake. But she cannot take a joke. I realy just wana slap her and tell her to get a grip. Stupid man. Theres a video from “hole in the wall” and it makes me laugh evvvverytime to see her get knocked over like an absoulte sack. I realy hate this woman. She isn’t as awful as Katona, because she is the epitome of a drain on society. But Feltz’s arrogance and just general existance makes me actualy angry.

Retire the Shuttle

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Today i was reading the news and read about the latest NASA shuttle mission which is to be launched on Monday. Discovery will take her 7 crew to dock with the international space station at day break when it launches from Kenedy Space Station in Florida. I am an advocate of the space programme, ive been to Kenedy Space station 3 times and i’ve seen the ill-fated Collumbia shuttle launch. It was an amazing sight for someone who has been raised with an interest in the space.  But i now struggle to support the shuttle. They were meant to be retired many years ago but the programme has now been going for 30 years. The shuttle itself is incredibly inefficiant, dangerous and poorly designed. The boosters use over 3/4 of their fuel to just launch the shuttle, this is just inefficiant. I support space exploration but i will be glad to see the end of the shuttle. After the Challenger and Collumbia disasters, they should have been retired. Collumbia broke up on re-entry in 2003 after plating fell off the front of the shuttles nose leading to an over heating problem. When the Discovery launched in 2008, it to lost plating. Luckily the astronaughts were able to repair it on a sapce walk or we would have lost yet another shuttle. Discovery, Atlantis and Endevour are all now on their last legs now that the two older shuttles have exploded. The challenger disaster  in 1986 is something that stands out to me in the 20th century as an iconic disaster. TThough only 7 people lost thier lives, it is a tragedy becuase Christa McAuliffe who came second in a competition to go into space was on board. The winner of the competition was unable to go and McAuliffe went instead. She lost her life because people high up in the programme didn’t want to delay another launch. The O-ring on the solid rocket booster failed and the challenger exploded 72 seconds into the flight. At the end of the day, money and time was worth more than these 7 peoples lives. Now, i can accept that it was a tragic accident and they did stop the programme breifly (probably because at the time they only had 2 shuttles) but when the Collumbia was lost in 2003, they should have called it a day for the shuttle and started on something new. I personaly would love to go into space and would take any risk. But just because people are willing to risk it doesn’t mean they should be running a vehicle which is far past its life span. The shuttle is old, it is inefficiant and it is dangerous. I hope to god that either Endevour, Atlantis or Discovery are not lost this year or that will be the death of the space programme. And i dont want that. Obama has already called off plans to go back to the moon, i dont want the space programme to lose support completly. But safety needs to be a priority, and peoples lives should be worth more than money.